Recording Tags

This first tagging issue I noticed while editing this question. As of writing this, my edit has not been approved, but I attempted to add tags and fix some things for clarity.

The tag and have little to no discernable distinction. I propose that these are consolidated. Though has more uses, is my preference for the sake of simplicity. It could be argued, though, since there are other forms of recording, such as , that is more clearly general.


Just a small note here that there exist both tags and . Clearly the latter should be replaced for clarity.

  • I agree - the context of the site is 'audio', it doesn't make sense to have both recording and audio-recording. – Michael Hansen Buur Oct 11 '15 at 7:43

has been changed to .

As for the recording tags, this is probably something that needs discussed. I can see an argument both ways...

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