We've had a few questions on these cheap Chinese mics - all of which seem to be the same thing in various colours & with various labels. - BM-800 NW-700 NW-800

The question is always pretty much the same thing...

  • I bought one & it sounds like poo, how do I fix it?

The answer is always the same thing too...

  • Get a cheap USB pre-amp with phantom power & a male>female XLR cable.

Could we nominate one as the best [not necessarily oldest] start-point to make canonical & then close all the others as dupes against that one?

Ones I've found so far...

I bought a Floureon BM-800, and neweer 48v phantom power, but still no sound?

BM-800 Condenser Mic Not Working in Windows 10 Acer Laptop

I have a BM 800 Mic that isnt working?

NW-700 Sound issue

Buzzing noise with Taffware BM 700 condenser microphone

The latest is Buzzing/Hissing issues which doesn't have the best question but may have the easiest to understand answer for newbies.

If we can pick a best question - or even set up a brand new one covering the obvious for someone new to the field & then drop a more finely-honed version of that answer into it, that might be the solution.

Obviously, we need one that Google can easily find.

BTW, my answer is based on empiricism. I bought one of these things for a tenner on eBay & tested it. They're actually surprisingly not appalling for a tenner, though I'm not going to be swapping out my U87 any time soon ;)


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