I have a certain question, and was unsure if it would be on topic at Sound Design. To be a good citizen, I checked the appropriate Help Center topic, but this defines "Sound Design" using the term... "Sound Design", which isn't very helpful:

What topics can I ask about here?

As long as your question involves sound design and is:

  • detailed and specific
  • written clearly and simply
  • of interest to at least one other person interested in sound design

... it is welcome here.

I'm an outsider, please assume in that I don't (exactly) know what "Sound Design" means or what it includes.

As a foot note, specifically, I was wondering if questions about audio cables and connecting media devices to speaker sets would be on topic or not. My guess was that it would not be on topic, which is why I tried checking the FAQ first.


Most probably that isn't on topic. We are working on improving the definition but it isn't done yet. In general consumer targeted stuff is off topic though.

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