This question https://sound.stackexchange.com/questions/6036/large-hadron-collider-sounds-and-music was in the review queue. It was flagged as 'not a question.'

There is no question that this is not a question (pardon the pun), but it's also not the only one I've seen on SD in this vein. This variety has apparently not been a problem in the past here. This one in particular has been on the site for a couple years, has garnered a fair number of upvotes, and was only just flagged.

As the site moves forward, should there be any adjustment to whether or not these non-questions are acceptable?

Personally, this strikes me as a perfect candidate for a great chat discussion now that chat is an option on SD, if perhaps not an actual 'question'.

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My suggestion is to edit those that offer something of lasting value into actual questions. In this particular instance, the post would become:

Where can I find sounds from the LHC?

You could go on by additionally asking if anyone knows what kinds of sounds a giant, high energy particle smasher tends to produce.

Then, move what was shared in the question into the answer itself. By doing this you've:

  • Salvaged potentially useful information that would probably be deleted if closed
  • Expanded the question so that even more answers might one day appear
  • Taken ownership of the content

The third point is somewhat interesting, as you're basically moving someone else's question into an answer you are writing. This is what I'd recommend:

  • Leave a comment and ask the user to make the question into a question, and move the information shared into an actual answer
  • If no response, go ahead and do it, but provide special attribution at the top of your answer:

Note: This information was originally put in the question. We've moved it to an answer in order to fit our Q&A format.

You can link to the first revision of the post in that text if you like. That brings us to the question of earning a modicum of rep for the trouble - and you should. Remember, rep is what makes the system give you more privileges, and if you're doing this kind of content maintenance, you should have access to more tools.

It's just a suggestion to get the discussion going. We definitely want to watch out for broken windows, and no - this wasn't a big problem for Social Sound Design. However, it's a question of .. do we want to improve the content we're in charge of curating, and that answer should generally be yes. You're just helping the author share something, Q&A style.

By the same token, we are a Q&A site, so questions should be questions. When it comes to the more 'pure fun' versions of these .. well, we'll see as they come up.

On another note - these are precisely the types of discussions I hoped would start, and good on you for starting it.


Agreed that this should be a chat question. Perhaps people would have been more strict about this is SSD had a chat space. There are definitely many more examples of this sort of non-question.


I was the person who flagged the question. I think it should be locked, a common fate for questions that were successful in the past but no longer reflect how new questions should be written.

EDIT: Meta.SO post about locked questions: What is a "locked" post?

SO blog post about locking older questions: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2012/03/reputation-and-historical-archives/


Since this type of question and others like it that have been more socially (getting to know the community) oriented have worked in the past for SSD, I think a decent compromise could be to allow questions that are social/community oriented as long as they are still clearly answerable and don't elicit debate or discussion.

I think such questions should be marked as community wiki so that they don't contribute to the reputation system and should also be given a "community" or "social" tag so that it is clear what they are and so that we can monitor if they are becoming too big of a portion of the site. Seems like it gives a bit of the best of both worlds this way.

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