The and tags aren't needed on Sound Design, since every question on this site should be about audio and sound. Some of these were added during the migration from AVP, but both tags existed previously.

I intend to remove both tags completely (and blacklist them) on Wednesday, February 5, after fixing posts that would be difficult to spot / scope otherwise.

If you'd like to give a hand, just jump into both tags and see if you find posts where:

  • It's the only tag applied - in which case edit / suggest an edit to apply better tags
  • The post itself could use some help or cleanup, in which case edit / flag appropriately as needed

And, what mass tag removal would be complete without a one-armed dragon?


After which, Trogador will do what he does best :)

  • I agree - is there a way to take out those tags completely without flooding the front page? Commented Oct 22, 2015 at 18:29


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