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WE need YOUR suggestions for help text (#1 - "Asking a good question")

TL;DR To help stem the tide of bad/off-topic Q's, we need your suggestions for help text which pops up for users asking a question for the first time (see this post and related sister meta post). Yes, ...
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Is there an appetite for a longer lasting repository of knowledge here?

I am a member of several other established SE boards (under a different login). The successful boards share the goal of building and maintaining a long-lasting repository of knowledge. To achieve this,...
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Can I ask about stage sound systems here?

I have a few questions about equipment and know-hows related to the physical construction and maintenance of sound systems that are used in middle/large scale corporate/organization events or concerts....
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Questions about speak design

Are questions about speaker design allowed? I have always wanted to post a question asking what the major differences were between a PA speaker, a guitar cab, mixing speakers coaxial speakers, etc.
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2 answers

Is there a StackExchange site for asking sound design for music production questions?

From reading Sound Design Meta I'm under the impression that "sound design for music" questions are off-topic for this exchange. Is there an Exchange where these questions are on-topic? I'm aware ...
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Are questions regarding a "universal standard" on-topic here?

A have a question that's along the lines of, Is there a universal standard that states the largest surround sound format a cinema/theatre should support? Someone suggested asking it here, but, I ...
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