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1 answer

Why do we still have a [sound-design] tag?

Why do we still have this tag? It is currently used by 782 questions but it adds nothing considering Sound Design is the name of the site. Can we delete the tag and start re-tagging questions that ...
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1 answer

Tag Clean-up: Recording and Field-Recording

Recording Tags This first tagging issue I noticed while editing this question. As of writing this, my edit has not been approved, but I attempted to add tags and fix some things for clarity. The tag ...
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0 answers

Combining to eliminate [pro] & [tools]

I've been going through and editing the improperly entered tags pro and tools and changing them to either pro-tools, or pro-tools-10 (or whatever version) if there's a specification of the version ...
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2 answers

Tag removal [Help]

The help tag seems to fall into that meta-tag category. I would think that 99% of the question on the site are looking for some help :) Thoughts?
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Remove the 'audio' and 'sound' tags

The audio and sound tags aren't needed on Sound Design, since every question on this site should be about audio and sound. Some of these were added during the migration from AVP, but both tags existed ...
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