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Tag Clean-up: Recording and Field-Recording

Recording Tags This first tagging issue I noticed while editing this question. As of writing this, my edit has not been approved, but I attempted to add tags and fix some things for clarity. The tag ...
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3 answers

More Synonymous Tags?

I think there are a couple more synonymous tags that need dealing with? We currently have synth and synthesizer which I see as being the same? There is then tags for synthesis and granular-synthesis ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Consolidate max max-msp maxmsp tags

As far as I can tell, max max-msp and maxmsp are currently independent tags, but all refer to the same software.
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3 answers

Cleaning up the singular/plural tags

Rather than creating a new post for every example we come across, let's try to keep them all here. As they are changed/fixed, I'll try to keep a running tally here. This way, if there are any issues ...
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