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I write code and make music, sometimes at the same time even.

My Nifty Website

As a computer professional, it's important to learn to identify hackers. They typically wear a ski mask and gloves, often a trenchcoat. A trenchcoat alone does not make you a hacker, but a trenchcoat with a domino mask ABSOLUTELY makes you a hacker or at least some sort of criminal, no questions asked. A ski mask and gloves accompanied by other ski gear such as a heavy coat typically does not indicate a hacker, merely a skier. A black screen with green text raises some red flags as well, typically scrolling very quickly. The quicker the scrolling, the more likely this person is a hacker. I once saw green text scrolling at a rate of almost one screen per second and immediately changed all my passwords and reinstalled windows. Once you begin to learn these tricks, you can keep the elderly and small children safe from hackers, but be warned that they are often in dark rooms where they are difficult to see.

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