In autumn of 2019 I started to play the electric guitar. Along with that, I began to study sound engineering. Not only to record/mix music but also to create sound effects, as I am also engaged in film making (professional and hobby projects).

My main profession is software design & development.

I have started programming very early and have been fascinated ever since by the creative potential and speed of innovation in software development. To this day, after studying computer science, successfully graduating, and working as programmer for many years, I am still very glad I made this decision.

For a balanced life I take interest in a wide range of topics, including film making and photography, composing/playing/recording music and learning new languages.

I have gained some film making experience in a professional context, specifically with product videos.

Languages, which I speak, are German (mother tongue), English (IELTS Score of 8.0 / C1 level) and a bit of Japanese (only basics).

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